The Bigwell Blog – Week 15/08/19

Fishing report for week ending 15/08/19

Our waters in the lodge pools were highly coloured for a few days after the downpour of overnight rain brought the water flooding down the stream, and as usual on these days the fish were biting well on anything green or black, particularly green damsels. Our top pool which is catch and kill only remains crystal clear , with the gin pool also remaining clear.
Adam Price-Hunt caught a lovely 3lb rainbow on a small black buzzer hung under a klinkhammer French nymph style then went on to release 6 more across all pools. David Schewitz had a successful days fishing when he finally discovered the fly they were interested in, which was a yellow owl cdc buzzer, which Dave left floating with the wind, he caught 6 rainbows using this method.
On catch and kill this week were Phil Mayo 2, John Lyall 4, S. Doherty 2,Kim Boland 1, Adam Price-Hunt 1 then released 5, brothers Reece, Adam and Don Wilson caught 2 each, Paul Elsworthy killed 2 and released 10, Frank O’callaghan 2, P. Bicknell 7, J.Rigg 1, George Parfitt 5, Fred Wood 7 including a double figure fish from the gin pool, Dave Glover 3.
Popular flies this week have been bloodworm, green damsels, olive and black buzzers, klinkhammers, sedge,  pheasant tail nymphs, egg flies and green spiders. We are open every day from 7.30 am till 6pm, later opening on Thursday and Friday till 8.30 pm

Adam Price-Hunt

Tiger trout caught in lower lodge pool