The Bigwell Blog – Week 22/08/19

Fishing report for week ending 22/08/19



Despite the hot sunny days, our pools remain cool and fishable, we do have some weed but for the time of year our pools are looking good. Fishing has been challenging in the heat, for our Anglers but our fish are lively because of our cool water and when caught put up a tremendous fight.
A Nice catch  for Corbin Skeen who landed 5 on catch and kill, his  heaviest one weighing in at 3lb 6oz then went on to release his 10.
Young Jack shinton,fishing with help from his dad Dan shinton  caught on a damsel fly
Peter Waters had a few nice takes using an orange blob and Tony Blake landed 4 mostly on a blue damsel.
Hard going on the pools in the heat for Julian Greenaway but the day was saved when he caught a stunning rainbow For his first time fly fishing . (See photo)
Another new Angler was Dave Foster who also had his first ever catch, a beautiful rainbow caught on a damsel fly.
Martin Pitt , even in the heat , managed to land 2 hard fighting Rainbows , also on catch and kill were, Gerald Roberts took 4, Rob Britten 3, Eric Daley 2, Rod Neep 4, Gareth Rees 2, Maciez Napierala 2, Mark Jones 2, Kian Jones 1, P.Mayo 2, G. Nichols 2, Alan Brunt 2, Ralph Benson 2, Thomas Brendon 2, Steve Jones 4, Nathan Brook 3, Jason Harris 3,  E. Mullen 2, A. Mullen 1, Tod Watkins 2, Steve James 2.
Most of Our catch and release Anglers struggled to meet their 10 fish limit but had great fun trying. Popular flies have been, small orange nymphs, green spiders, egg flies, olive and black buzzers, klinkhammer, pheasant tail nymphs, damsel fly and Adams dry fly. We open every day at 7.30 am

Corbin Skeen

Julian Greenaway