The Bigwell Blog – Week 23/05/19

Weekly fishing report For the week ending 23/05/19

Temperatures this week have been between 10° and 17° our waters remain cool and clear but fishing has been challenging for our Anglers with quite a bit of dry fly action from mid afternoon onwards for those prepared to give it a go.
On catch and kill tickets this week were S J Brock 2, Steve Jones 3,  Ken Dupree 1, Dave Haynes 2, Tommy Haynes 2, Alan Brunt 2 , Winston Evans 4, Pete Morgan 4,
Paul James 2, Chris Perry 3, Justin Williams 2, Dean Mcintosh 3, T Richards 2, A Roberts 2, Glyn Morgan 2, Bob Calder 2, Jason Barret 6 including 1 Tiger trout which was released successfully, Matt Drake 5, John Freeman 8,  David and Karen Guida from America visiting their family,  made their annual trip to Bigwell and had a successful days fishing catching 2 fish each on catch and kill, on David’s home tied American style  klinkhammer using deer hair, on a size 20 Hook.
On Tuesday Several of our Anglers were slightly put off their fishing when a swarm of bees passed through the fishery, they stretched in  length from the gates to the lodge and were the diameter of our road ,what an awesome sight
Carl Williams caught his bag limit of 10 fish using mostly a Jungle cock fly, Wilbur Leoviriyakit here with Dad Kas caught a beautiful Rainbow trout on a yellow buzzer . Popular flies this week have been damsels, buzzers, klinkhammer, green spider, aps bloodworm, jungle cock and egg flies, we are open every day from 7.30 am

pete Morgan and Winston Evans

Wilbur Leoviriyakit