The Bigwell Blog – Week 3/10/19

Fishing report for week ending 03/10/19

Strange weather this week, lots of gusting winds and rain then sunshine then heavy rain, our pools have coloured up then cleared several times, this didn’t upset our fish they were on excellent form giving our anglers plenty of sport. Mick Jones from Hereford was delighted with his Blue Trout weighing in at a hefty 6lb 4oz, taken on a white fritz using a slow retrieve floating line and 5lb leader, we have entered this Fish into Troutmasters competition. Craig Williams caught a beautiful  4lb 8 oz Rainbow  trout on a grey duster cdc, an intermediate line and 6lb leader. Paul Johnson  caught his 10 fish limit on catch and release, father and son Keith and James Harrison caught 11 between them on catch and release, also on catch and release and catching their 10 bag limit were, Colin Evans , Chris Blackham, John Burton, Keith Fenton and G. Mallory,  Allen Grey had a good mornings fishing taking 6 Fish to restock his freezer, mostly caught on egg flies.
Carrie Williams 5, Andrew Williams 4, John Burton 10, Adam Price Hunt  fishing mostly on dry fly landed 7, Fred Wood 8, Dave Glover  7 catching well on black nomads, Dave England 4, Oliver Spear 8, Jason Williams 10, Dennis Millward 3, Janice Marran 3, Ian and Jenny Mackinlay catching 3 each.
Glyn Morgan landed 3 on his white egg fly from the lower lodge pool.   Graham Smith took 4 on an egg fly and chamois fly, and Phil Denholm took 2 on squirmy wormies.
Popular flies this week have been green damsels, squirmy wormies, egg flies, green spiders, grey duster cdc and deer hair sedge, Olive spiders, chamois , cats whiskers. Black nomads and black daddies, We are open every day from 7.30 am