The Bigwell Blog – Week Sunday 22/5/22

Fishing report for week ending 25/5/22

Plenty of dry fly activity this week across all pools ,mayflies, klinkhammer, daddies, Adams dry caught well for Gareth on the gin pool, slow to start but once he changed to Adams fly he pulled out 3 on the trot, 2 rainbows and 1 tiger, with our catch and release ticket you have to kill first fish then release up to 10, Maggie one of our more mature anglers arrives at 7.30 am and fishes till she catches her 2 to take, she caught on blue flash damsel, Paul Legge had success with his dry fly on the lodge pools, pools are slightly beginning to grow weed, so Gary is out on his little boat (today Monday) while we are closed, it’s a fine balance to get it right if you take too much out it allows the blanket weed to explode, but it’s early enough to get away with some weeding 🤞the temperature of our water is 10 degrees and will remain within a few degrees of that all summer thanks to our cool spring water that continuously flows.