The Bigwell Blog – Week 24/10/19

Fishing report for week ending 24/10/19


Apart from the downpour of Friday we have had consistently good weather for The rest of the week, and although the lodge pool waters were highly coloured they quickly cleared on Saturday .
we had Father and son Robert and Martin Hedges from Bristol here who were on our catch kill and release ticket, they  caught two  each to take home then released 8,  Sheila Maynard landed 3 rainbows and 1 blue, and Craig Williams caught 3. John Fellows  landed 4 rainbow, 1 Tiger and A 5lb 7oz Blue trout which we entered into Troutmasters competition, on a variety of flies including green damsel, small blackbuzzer and Gold head white zonker. On catch and kill were Iestyn Evans 2, Adam Davies 4, Tom Everett 4, Oscar Hennessy 1, Richard Morgan 3 and son Peter Morgan 3, Ryan Leonard and Mike Leonard 2 each,  Harry Webb 2, Chelsea Parham    3 Caught on a red head tadpole and blue flash damsels    Adam Evans  2  Using his hot head damsel. On catch and release this week with a rod average of 4 fish were James Harding, Mike Alperton, Chris Woolley, Paul Phillips, Riley Phillips, John Hughes, David Jones (bag limit) Fred Wood, David Glover, Graham Jeremiah, Phil Rees, Ron Thomas, John Wixley, Ollie Banks, Ray Myers, Jon Gulson, Carl Williams , Mick Smith, Chris Laidlaw, Robert Williams (bag limit) Roger Thompson (bag limit).
Popular flies this week have been deer hair sedge, white zonkers, blue flash damsels, black buzzers and small brown hoppers. We are open every day from 7.30 am till dusk
Adam Evans and Chelsea Parham