The Bigwell Blog – Week 08/08/19

Fishing report for week ending 08/08/19

Dave Williams had a satisfying days fishing here at Bigwell with his catch of 5 Rainbow trout from the lower lodge pool, mostly caught on a sedge daddy on the surface where the fish were attacking the fly, then turning away and coming back very aggressively to strike, Dave was fishing with a floating line and 3lb leader. Tom Johnson from Cwmbran has spent a few days here this week catching a total of 7 Rainbows and 2 blues on black buzzers and daddies from across all pools.Rob Britten took home 3 Fish, Graham Atkins 3, Phil Davis  4, Mick parry 3, John Burton 10, Keith Fenton 6, Nigel Long 5 rainbow and 1 tiger trout, Carl Williams 10, Mick Smith 5 Andrew Thomas 4 Rainbow plus 1  7lb 2oz Blue which he caught on a green egg fly from the gin pool. Old friends Basil Freeman and Ivor Williams had a great days fishing catching 2 each, these two are both well into their eighties and fish every week. Father and son Mike and Daniel Wilkinson had a great day with Daniel aged 6, catching his first trout and landing it on his own then going on to catch 2 more all on egg flies, we have entered Daniel into junior Troutmasters Competition with his heaviest Fish weighing in at 3lb 4oz.
Popular flies this week have been buzzers, daddies, small black gnats, egg flies, blobs and sedge, dry flies have worked well for our anglers this week. We are open from 7.30 am every day
Old friends Basil Freeman and Ivor Williams