The Bigwell Blog – Week 18/07/19

Weekly fishing report For the week ending 18/07/19


Mornings are proving to be the best time to come and fish , particularly at this time of year, when our pools are struggling with the balance of nature, namely WEED, but after the overnight flow of spring water they are clear of the floating weed that appears as the day wears on, our pools all remain fishable Bigwell will do its best to keep it that way, our cool fresh spring water is our saving grace so the gates to Bigwell as always remain open.
The Ray Manley angling memorial friendly competition has rolled round for its 13th year, in memory of and with respect to Ray Manley. And a great time was had by all .
Keith John  fished with grandson Oscar duggan and caught a Rainbow from the lower lodge pool on a Gillis cats whisker, Barry Jones 1, Rob Britten 2,Winston Evans 1, Peter Morgan 1 on a Wickhams fancy.  Husband and wife Jordan and Trish Henderson caught 2 on blue flash damsels, Adam Roberts1,Rob Hart 4, Toby Hill 3, John Adams 6, Mike Harvey 3, Gareth Davies 4, Lee Smith 5 including a 6lb 2oz Blue trout taken on a brown hopper from the gin pool.  brothers John And Philip Williams from Worcester caught 3 each on a variety of flies including deer hair sedge, klinkhammer and black buzzers. Bag limits of 10 on catch and release were hard to reach this week with Anglers averaging 4/6 fish including M. Shaw Smith, G. Warren, P. J. Williams, T. Durrant, D. Durrant, Dave Glover, Fred Wood, Rob Burge,  Hugo Perks, Keith Fenton, Paul Legge, Paul Elsworthy,  Mick Smith, Glenn Nichols, Gwynn Redman, John Burton 10, Gareth Hill 7, Chris Laidlaw 6, Carl Williams 10,   Dave England caught 8, 5 on dry flies and 3 on buzzers. Popular flies this week have been, buzzers, green/black Montana’s, cats whiskers, blue flash damsel, sedge, klinkhammer,  wickhams fancy, brown hoppers and F fly. We open every day at 7.30 a.m

Tommy Hart