The Bigwell Blog – Week 04/07/19

Weekly fishing report For the week ending 04/07/19


An exciting week with our Big fish Bonanza at Bigwell Fly Fishery. We had 84 big fish (6lbs+) delivered along with the normal stock. 18 fish over 6lb caught in one day and yes you can catch and kill them for £5 each.
Young Wilbur Leoviriyakit had 6, including 3 big ones. The biggest one took the whole line and 20 yards of backing. It was so big that it got away. Well, no one ever loses a small fish, right? Dad Kas Leoviriyakit said “ Be warned, there are so many fish in the gin pond that you may mistake for a piranha feeding frenzy, I have not experienced this, except at a visit to a trout farm. I am still thrilled until now.”
Graham Jeremiah caught a beauty weighing in at 6lb12oz on an egg fly in the gin pool.
And a First ever trout at 6lb 8oz for 76 year old Keith John.
82 year old George Nichols from Norfolk caught an 8lb 3oz Rainbow using a black buzzer.
The pools are looking good for this time of year, cool and clear and fishing extremely well.
On a day when the fish were feeling lazy and didn’t want to chase, Jamie Williams had great success using  his floating line , an egg fly and a snake on the drop, cast out and allowed to fall through the water, then a very slow figure of eight retrieve, Jamie caught 6 using this method.
Popular flies this week have been klinkhammer,Olive buzzer, black cruncher, blue flash damsel, snake, egg fly, black gnats, green spiders and CDC hawthorn. We are open every day at 7.30 am

Graham Jeremiah 6lb 12oz Rainbow


keith John first ever fish caught at fly fishing