The Bigwell Blog – Week 20/06/19

Weekly fishing report For the week ending 20/06/19


Slightly Improved weather this week brought a few more Anglers through the gates,
Lionel Davies caught 3 on his catch and kill ticket, 2 from the lower lodge pool and 1 from the top on his home tied yellow scruff.
Carl Williams caught his bag limit of 10 from across all pools including 3  from the gin pool on a dry fly with a buzzer on the drop, Mick Smith landed 5, Jason Williams also caught his bag limit and Oliver Birch landed 5.
It was a very Happy fathers day to John Burton who caught one of our tag fish with an approximate weight of 6-7lbs from the  gin pool and taken on an egg fly, a nice bonus of £200 for John .
Colin Gooch fishing on the gin pool caught two on a March brown dry, Colin cast out and they took the fly straight away, then went on to release 6 more. Harry Webb caught 1 and lost 2 on a green damsel from the lower lodge pool, Basil Freeman took 3 on catch and kill from the top pool on a blue flash damsel. Hugo Perks 3 using dry flies and his split cane rod. Rob Britten had a good morning taking 4 Fish on his catch and kill ticket mostly on small nymphs. Dry flies have done very well this week particularly  early morning . Andrew Brown from Cardiff caught his bag limit of 10 from across all pools, he fished small black gnats on a floating line early morning which proved very successful, then John Changed tactics for the afternoon changing to an intermediate line with a cats whisker on point and a pond olive Nymph on the dropper, which landed him 1 of our big Blue Trout from the gin pool. Dai Morgan took 5, Tim May 6, Paul Rees 4, Alan Brunt 2, Gary Williams 6, Ken Shaw 5 including a 5lb 10oz Blue, Ben Havers 4 including a Tiger Trout which was released successfully.  Popular flies this week have been black gnats, snakes, damsels, buzzers klinkhammer, deer hair sedge, egg flies and hoppers. We are openevery day from 7.30 am

John Burton with Tag fish