The Bigwell Blog – Week 12/12/19

Fishing report for week ending 12/12/19


With crystal clear water and big fish cruising, Llywd Williamson couldn’t wait to get a fly in the water. The fishing wasn’t easy, but the Black Mamba Stalker saw him catching on the Gin pool with a Salmon Egg , and Pseudo Montana catching on the middle lodge pool.
Nice to see Ron Baker from Buckingham back with us after an illness, he hasn’t lost his touch, his four fish to take home were caught mainly on a red cats whisker and 7 more on catch and release. Harry Webb took his 2 fish on Green damsels from the lower lodge pool, Colin Gooch fished the crystal clear gin pool which was challenging but Colin outsmarted them with his pheasant tail nymph and went on to land 6 rainbows and 1 blue trout. Luke Bradley spent an enjoyable day re-connecting with fly fishing after a time away from it and caught 3 fish. Paul Elsworthy landed 6, Dave Glover 5, Fred Wood 4, Paul Smith took home 4, Graham Jeremiah 3, Phil Rees 2, Richard  Thomas  4, Liz Cox 5, Gwynn Evans 3, John Bicknell 9 on catch and release on pheasant tail nymphs and klinkhammer.
Popular flies this week have been, green damsels, small dark buzzers, cats whiskers, black snakes, egg flies and olive spiders.

Ron Baker


Llwyd Williamson