The Bigwell Blog – Weekly fishing report For week ending 4/1/19

Weekly fishing report For the week ending 04/1/19 from Bigwell Trout Fishery

The Friday before Christmas saw the removal of the willow tree from the Lodge Pool which came down in the winds a few weeks ago, allowing anglers once again to cast their lines along the hedgerows where the fish like to lie. While lures and strike indicators still have their place, top of the water action is still very prolific, with fish rising to Hoppers, Deer Hair Sedge and Klinkhamers.

The weather has thrown all it can at us this week with a sharp frost that saw the top rings freezing on anglers rods and torrential rain that coloured the water, and while it was a small window there was also a little bit of sunshine. Jon Evans caught a beautiful 8lb 2oz rainbow trout from the Lower Lodge Pool on a Brown Daddy using a floating line and 6lb leader. The fish, which was released successfully, has been entered into this month’s Troutmasters competition. Fred Wood caught 7 fish, Phil Roe 5, Mick and Jean Fahy caught 2 each. Ron Baker from Buckingham caught 10 rainbows, mostly on his favourite small perch fry lure, releasing 8 and taking 2 home to make his tasty trout pate. Gareth Neale took 6 on catch and kill, Mick Williams landed 6 including 1 tiger trout.
The Boxing Day Competition was a great success, the weather was kind and everyone was on good form. John Burton was the first to catch a fish 10 minutes into the competition, followed closely by Rich-ard Tremain. Trophies and prizes were awarded to Robin Vale for heaviest individual fish at 3lb 8oz, John Burton fastest fish caught, Ron Baker heaviest bag 6lb 12oz. Many thanks to all anglers who took part, Andrew Williams, Richard Tremain, Nathan Blake, Mark Beacham, Dale Tomlinson, Sheila Maynard, Craig Williams, Ron Baker, Robin Vale, John Burton, and Tony Bladen.
A busy week since Christmas on catch and release: Ryan Davies, Ad-am Price-Hunt, Keith Fenton, Ben Thomas, Steve Thomas, Jon Thom-as , Annie Hurds, Dennis Millward, Gavin Hodgkinson, Chris Priest, John Burton, Steve Randall, Dylan Stokes, Aron Beck, Nigel Davies, Dean Stanton, Josh Bowcutt, Richard Wakelam, Ross Jones, Jamie Webb. Heaviest fish this week was caught by Chris Morgan at 9lb 4oz taken on a Klinkhamer from the Lower Lodge Pool and released successfully. We would like to wish all our anglers a very happy and healthy 2019 and a huge thank you for all your support throughout 2018.

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